4 Ways An Avanti Micro Market Increases Office Productivity

Avanti-Market-Setup-NJThere are many benefits to offering a full selection of healthy snacks, breakfast foods, and hot lunches to your employees. Studies show having easy access to healthy and delicious snacks and meals increases productivity. Here’s a quick rundown on how providing an Avanti Micro Market can boost morale and production in your business office.

1. Employees Skip Breakfast

A Micro Market stocks breakfast foods, which many employees may otherwise completely skip in the morning rush hour–only to leave them hungry and irritable. Breakfast selections such as oatmeal, yogurt, and fresh fruit satisfy morning hunger, which allows employees to do their best work. It also lets employees sleep a little later in the morning, rather than wasting time in the drive-thru for coffee and breakfast.

2. Employees Stay in for Lunch

A full selection of hot meals, gourmet sandwiches, and fresh veggies allows your employees to avoid the lunch rush all together. With healthy meals at their fingertips, employees feel appreciated and relaxed. Allowed to eat on their own schedule and skip long lunch lines, employees are encouraged to stay on-site for lunch, which allows more time to get work done.

3. Healthy Foods Promote Energy

You feel better when you’ve had a full and healthy meal. Instead of wasting time in the drive-thru lane, employees are able to relax at their desk, leaving them more energized and productive for the rest of the day. Avanti markets provide light foods like fresh veggies, fruits, yogurt, and hot meals–whereas fast food and traditional vending machine fare like chips and candy can leave employees feeling lethargic. A micro market’s healthy options promote energy and wellness.

4. Provide Value to your Employees

The importance of eating healthy and exercising has been impressed upon most people. Healthy breakfast and lunch choices, however, can be expensive–especially if your employees are going out to lunch. Many employees report feeling more appreciated by their company when healthy snacks, like yogurt, fruit, breakfast bars, and almonds are made easily available in a cost-efficient micro market. This sense of appreciation, paired with the knowledge that their company cares about their health and happiness, boosts morale. Happy, healthy employees perform better at work.

Energize Your Office with an Avanti Micro Market

Atlantic Vending can provide you with the best Avanti Micro Market, with healthy office options at cost-efficient prices. Gourmet sandwiches, fruit and yogurt, hot and cold snacks — we can customize for your needs! To find out more about our New Jersey micro market services give us a call today at 888-218-8363 or send a message via our contact form.