Advantages to Having a Vending Machine in your Office

New Jersey Healthy Vending MachinesThere is a trend that offices are moving away from including vending machines within the office space. Though some are trading these machines for micro-markets (small self-serve stands that offer numerous food choices), many office managers are getting rid of office snacks altogether. This is not good for the office workers who will now be without all the benefits of vending/micro-market snacks.

Accessibility and Convenience

Anyone who has worked in an office knows the feeling. It’s the middle of the afternoon and hunger strikes. You are faced with a choice: leave the office during prime hours to get a snack or sit at your desk hungry and unproductive as your stomach rumbles. Constant accessibility is a main attraction of vending machines in the office space. Employees do not need to leave the office sacrificing valuable work time to get a snack.

Your Employees Will be More Inclined to Stay on Site

Vending machines offer a convenient and fast solution to the problem of daytime hunger. Before vending machines, employees either had to bring their own snacks or leave the office to get refreshments during the day. Most employees nowadays do not plan accordingly in the morning and most employers do not like/let their employees leaving in the middle of the day for food. Vending machines offer convenient accessibility in the middle of the day.

Forbes published an article back in 2011 showing the effects that snacks have on office productivity and the results are amazing. According to the Staples survey, coffee and snack runs during the work day accounted for 2.4 billion hours lost in productivity per year. Granted Staples is a large corporation, the same principle is applicable. Employees waste precious hours at work getting nourishment.

Staff Satisfaction

Vending machines are not only a great way to make refreshments accessible in the office, they are also a great way to improve staff satisfaction. There is great satisfaction that comes with being able to quickly grab a coffee and snack and get back to your desk without missing a beat. In addition, the snacks that you get from a vending machine or micro market are often cheaper than a trendy, name-brand alternative.

Fully Managed Service/and easy to manage from upper section

A vending machine managed by Atlantic Vending is maintenance free. Whether you choose a vending machine or a micro-market for your business, we take the hard work out of it for you. We will ensure that your employees have the snacks they need to fight off the 3:00pm slump.

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