Coca-Cola Vending Machines Pushing for a Better Future

clifton vending companyOne of America’s biggest companies and makers of iconic beverage Coke have been up to some really great things lately. From their Coca-Cola Freestyle vending machines to the inclusion of free wi-fi in their machines in South Africa, Coca-Cola has helped redefine and pave the way for new vending machines.

In the past two weeks, Coca-Cola has pushed the boundaries even further. On June 3, 2015 the company showed off a new bottle at the Expo Milan food technology conference. Upping the ante from their 2009 “PlantBottle,” which is 30% made up of plant materials, Cokes will now come in a newer version comprised of 100% sugar cane plastic.

While this is incredibly exciting news from an environmental perspective, currently about 30% of Coke bottles in North America are PlantBottles and only 7% around the world. The company does have a plan though, by 2020 the goal is to exclusively use plant based plastic bottles instead of petroleum based plastics.

Smart Vending Machines for Better Customer Rewards

Coke’s North American vending fleet, which dispenses an astonishing average of 15 beverages per second, has now partnered with Android Pay in an attempt to reward customer loyalty. By the end of 2015 an estimated 100,000 Coke vending machines will be Android Pay compatible.

MyCokeRewards members will be able to link their Android Pay accounts to so they will now be able to pay or earn points with a simple tap on their phones.

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