So What Exactly is a Micro Market?

At Atlantic Vending, we specialize in a variety of aspects of the vending machine industry, whether it’s standalone vending machines, micro markets, or coffee vending services. One of our specialties is micro markets. The average person may not be too familiar with the concept of micro markets, so we’re here to break it down for you!

What is a Micro Market Exactly?

A micro market is a small, independent store that is located without an employee to supervise it. Typically, they consist of storage (refrigerated or non-) and shelves that hold a variety of products. There is also a checkout system installed close-by. The system is autonomous in that it isn’t manned by anyone, but it isn’t a machine that vends a product to the consumer. Most micro markets are based upon the honors system, so we typically install them in more secure areas such as upscale hotels and small workplaces. New vending technologies are emerging such as pressure-sensitive shelves that record when a product is removed, so higher levels of micro market security are definitely on the way.

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Micro markets allow for customers to have a much more customizable vending experience and they are skyrocketing in popularity because of their flexibility.

How do Micro Markets Benefit the Consumer?

Micro Markets are Convenient

For one thing, micro markets are incredibly convenient. Consumers don’t have to rely on a market employee to check them out and can instead pay at their own discretion. Micro markets are also much smaller than most convenience stores, so they can be set up in a variety of locations. Additionally, consumers can get what they want without much of a hassle–no more calling us when the machine eats your dollar!

Micro Markets Have a Ton of Variety

Because micro markets extend beyond the scope of a regular vending machine, there is more room for options! On this same vein, the micro market system also allows for items outside of just food and beverages, including small electronics, travel gear, local sundries, and more.

How are Micro Markets Beneficial for Vendors?

More Space for Markets

The increased versatility and usability of micro markets, as compared to the average vending machine, makes it so that they can be placed virtually anywhere. The opportunity to build a micro market in more places means that you’ll be able to offer your consumers a larger variety of goods, reducing the amount that goes to waste.

Micro Markets Have Higher Profit Per Location

Less product waste means better profits for vendors. It’s easier to understand your target market when they can buy beyond a vending machine, so you can target your products accordingly. The honor’s system also suggests that the community in which you’ve built your micro market will be buying higher end products.

Looking to Install a Micro Market in Your Community or Have More Questions?

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