What Kind Of Food Can You Get From A Healthy Vending Machine?

Vending machines have been in schools and businesses around the world for many, many years. But in the past few years there has been a change to what food you can get from vending machines. Most people instantly think of potato chips and sodas when they think of vending machines, but now more and more schools are switching to healthy vending machines compared to vending machines that are filled with junk food.

Vending machines switching to healthier options is a trend that we believe will continue to grow as the population becomes more aware of the impact sugary snacks can have on the health of our children. The rate of childhood obesity has continued to climb over the years and one part of the issue is calorically dense junk food that doesn’t offer any nutritional substance but is filled with sugar. These types of snacks won’t provide the student with the proper nutritional ingredients they need to be healthy but also will limit their cognitive performance compared to eating healthier options.

What Food Comes From Healthy Vending Machines?

You may have heard about your child’s school implementing a healthy vending machine or your office park has talked about it, but you might be curious what food the new vending machine will offer. The food that is stocked in the vending machine will vary depending on the desires of the school or business. The snacks can be altered in order to give the visitors certain types of food that they will prefer. But typically there are a few types of foods that are consistent across most healthy vending machines. Below is our list of the most popular snack options.


Stocking a vending machine with fresh fruits are incredibly popular because they provide the user with a healthy snack that will help give them the natural energy they need to make it through the day. Fruit provide the consumer with natural sugar that will give them energy without the crash and poor healthy effects of processed sugar.

Sugar Free Nutrition Bars

When you are looking for a snack that has more substance and that will keep you full, a nutrition bar is a great option. Most healthy vending machines will offer nutrition bars or energy bars that will provide the consumer with the protein they need to make it through the day. Protein will help keep you full but will also give you the energy you need.

Healthy Drink Options

Most traditional vending machines are known for providing their users with sugary drinks such as soda. But healthy vending machines will exchange these sugary drinks for healthier options such as water, sugar free sports drinks, low calorie vitamin water, coffee, and other options.

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