Healthy Beverage Vending — It’s Not Just for Soda Anymore

When most people think of a beverage vending machine, most likely they think of an iconic red Coke machine dispensing their favorite soda pop.

But the times they are a changing.

Soda is Unhealthy

Any way you look at it, soda is bad for you. The United States has a major obesity problem, and sugary soda is a significant contributing factor. Simply drinking one 20 ounce bottle of soda every day can lead to about 25 pounds of weight gain a year. That type of weight gain can quickly turn into diabetes and heart disease. And that’s not even touching on the damage it can do to our dental health.

Diet Soda Might Not Be Healthy Either

Diet sodas were once viewed as a healthier alternative to sugary sodas. What’s not to like about zero sugar and zero calories? It’s true, diet sodas are a great alternative if someone has a multiple soda per day habit, but some new studies suggest the sweeteners used in diet sodas could cause metabolic slow-downs which can lead to many of the same complications that sugar-filled drinks do.

Healthier Beverage Alternatives Are Getting More Popular

While there will always be people who want a coke with their pizza, Atlantic Vending recognizes that the public is looking for healthier beverage options. Nutritionally rich drinks, sports drinks, teas, seltzer/tonic waters, juice, and smoothies are growing in popularity. Atlantic Vending offers a wide variety of all types of beverages, so we can customize and optimize your vending machine’s selection to your employees’ liking.

Healthier Beverages Are More Profitable Too

Making a portion of the beverages you offer in your vending machine healthier is not just a good idea for the health of your customers and matching supply with demand, it’s more profitable too. Healthier drinks cost more to produce so the cost to the consumer is higher too. The end result is a more profitable machine.

Improve Productivity of School Children and Employees

Another side benefit of offering healthier drink options is the positive effect it will have on the people drinking them. In a school or office environment, it’s been proven that the short-term sugar and caffeine boost is quickly followed by a crash in alertness and focus. Healthier school-kids and employees are far more alert, focused, and as a result, productive. Additionally, healthier people cost less to insure, so that can be another real cost benefit to companies.

Regardless of the reason you want healthier beverage options in your vending machine(s), Atlantic Vending has what you need.

Looking For Healthy Beverage Vending?

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