Healthy Vending in Schools

Many are not aware of the options available for [link id=”12″ title=”healthy school vending”]healthy school vending[/link]. Atlantic Vending has developed a special program for schools to provide healthy vending options. Providing students with healthy options inside vending machines helps to encourage good nutrition, even while just snacking.

As child obesity has doubled and tripled for children and teens, Atlantic Vending is working to decrease that rate by providing healthy vending options at schools. Every vending machine we provide has 15% healthier items than other traditional vending machines.

Some of the items that can be chosen for healthier school vending include fresh fruit, energy bars, deli sandwiches, and juices or flavored water. These items fit our healthier snacks criteria by having 7g of fat or less, 260 calories or less, and 250mg of sodium or less.

Teaching students the importance of making healthy snack options should begin at an early age. Atlantic Vending helps to bring healthy vending options into the New Jersey schools. We work with food service directors and school administrators to help schools reach their healthy vending goals and support healthy student nutrition.

Looking For Healthy Vending Services?

Atlantic Vending is the leader in New Jersey [link id=”10″ title=”Vending Services”]vending services[/link]. We offer healthy vending for offices and schools, special [link id=”12″ title=”School Vending Programs”]school vending programs[/link], full line vending and beverage vending services. Every Atlantic Vending machine is automatically installed with 15% healthier items in an effort to promote healthy nutrition and reduce obesity. [link id=”15″ title=”Vending Services”]Contact Us[/link] to get started on healthier vending today!