How To Organize A Micro Market

micro market

There is an art to organizing a micro market that many people are not aware of!  Here are a few tips:

Display Micro Market Items Efficiently

In vending machines, chips are generally placed near the top, but in a micro market, it is a good idea to put them further down so they can be easily read.

Gum and candy should be higher and easily accessible because these are the items that people grab the most on impulse.  Items that do not sell as well (slow sellers) should be moved out to allow space for better selling items. Coolers allow you to take advantage of larger items such as healthier vending food with fresh food designs.

One of the benefits of micro markets that many of our customers enjoy is the fact that you can try new items without worrying about failure or loss of sales.

Group Similiar Items In the Micro Market

When grouping different types of food, it is a good idea to put similiar items that people buy to match common shopping habits.

By implementing these tips, you can improve the success of your micro-market!