Instant Coffee is the New Go To

Trends find that more people are switching from traditional [link id=”447″ title=”New Jersey office coffee”]New Jersey office coffee[/link] pots to instant coffee. Single cup coffee methods, such as Keurig machines or Starbucks Via, are becoming popular in office break rooms and removing the guesswork of when coffee was made last or how strong.

Sales of Instant Coffee has Tripled

Since 2000, sales of instant coffee have close to tripled. Instant coffee now accounts for 34% of all coffee brewed around the world. Instant, single-use coffee was popularized by companies like Folgers and Nescafe; and now most the major coffee companies are offering them. The market for instant coffee tends to be those who are new and amateur coffee drinkers. Instant and single use coffee is also used by traditional coffee drinkers when on-the-go due to convenience.

Instant coffee is enjoyed by stirring a small packet of coffee into hot water. A recent leader in instant coffee is Starbucks Via, which allows fans to enjoy an instant cup of Starbucks coffee without having to go to their actual coffeehouse location. Gone are the days of single flavored Folgers Crystals instant coffee – flavors such as Breakfast Blend, Caramel, Pumpkin Spice, Mocha and more are available on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.

In an office setting, instant coffee is easy and convenient. Workers and clients alike can have quick, easy access to a single cup of coffee in seconds without wasting a whole pot. With single use methods, the coffee grounds are pre-measured so there is no having to worry about someone making a pot of coffee too strong or too weak for your liking.

Looking for Office Coffee Services in New Jersey?

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