KIND to Reduce Sugar Content

In its commitment to healthier snacks across its extensive line of fruit and nut products, KIND has announced that it will be reducing added sugars in its foods. This news comes as an accompaniment to the already healthy snack choices provided by the company. Their commitment to their customers’ overall health is reflected in their decision to reduce the sugar content in their various fruit and nut bars.

Healthy Granola at KIND Bar

Beginning in the spring of next year, certain flavors of KIND bars, such as Apple Cinnamon and Pecan & Almonds will contain between 15 and 50 percent less sugars. Seven additional flavors will get in on the action later in 2016.

The sugar reduction was made possible by figuring out what aspects of the bar could be replaced with sugar-free options without compromising the taste of the bars. Some examples are using unsweetened fruit instead of sweetened fruit and using less sugar in added ingredients such as yogurt coatings. The bars are now centered around the fruit itself, giving them a heartier and healthier taste with nutrition that is honest and lasts.

“At KIND we’re constantly challenging ourselves to do better,” said KIND Founder and CEO Daniel Lubetzky. “I’m so proud of our team. For us, this is much more than a recipe update, it’s about honoring our history and continuing to fulfill our brand promise of making snacks that are both nutritious and great-tasting.”

All of the KIND bars have a low glycemic index, meaning they help to maintain blood sugar levels that are already normal.

KIND also supports the Food and Drug Administration’s push to advertise the added sugar content on the packaging of foods.

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