New Nutrition Information Coming to Your Favorite Vending Items

Don’t understand what’s in your foods? You soon will. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) unveiled last month new changes to the 20-year old nutritional label that you see on all your foods. These changes include increased focus on calories, adding information for sugar critical vitamins and minerals, and adding how serving sizes are calculated.

Healthy Vending New JerseyThis new label would also serve to highlight serving sizes and calories in a bigger font size, giving the label a more digestible feel. Though [link id=”10″ title=”New Jersey Healthy Vending”]New Jersey vending machines[/link] only offer smaller snack food, you will soon see these labels on your vending food as well.

This all comes from the latest changes in the FDA which are looking to update the image of America as one of the fattest nations in the world. We continue to rank in the bottom half of obesity percentage and the First Lady herself has made this her mission statement to overcome this challenge. New nutritional labels are the first steps but we still have miles to go.

New Jersey Healthy Food

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