New Sandwich Trends in Healthy Vending

Last year’s fresh vending sandwich ideas were all about Sriracha, bacon, and grilled cheese. Now we’re moving onto Vietnamese Bánh mi, Cuban sandwiches, and porchetta. Today’s grab-and-go sandwich consumer is rewarded with more options than ever before.

33% of consumers are clamoring for new and unique ingredients and flavors to try out. People are more willing to try out new things on a sandwich than on other foods according to a recent report. 43% of the people surveyed eat sandwiches at least four times a week. These numbers are encouraging vending services and micro markets to include a larger selection of meats, vegetables and sauces in their sandwiches.

Breads are moving from white, wheat, and rye to include choices like focaccia, ciabatta, and sourdough. Gluten free buns, wraps, and flatbreads are increasing in availability. Sandwiches with hummus and fresh vegetables are being enjoyed beyond the vegan set. The survey cited a trend that more sandwiches are “featuring eclectic ingredients and toppings, from specialty condiments to unexpected components that add bold flavor and craveable new textures to sandwiches.”

This is one of the reasons why we at Atlantic Vending have switched from a pure New Jersey vending company to a commercial lunch company. We understand that people are looking for a variety in their healthy lunch or snack option during the day.

New Jersey Vending Company Offers Healthy Lunch Options

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