Students Don’t Mind Healthier Snacks In Schools

healthy vendingA recent study from the International Journal of Food Safety found that students actually do not mind having healthier food in vending machines.

Many vending companies often avoid healthier options because they think that it will hurt profits, and because it is a relatively new area.

However, this study, along with other [link target=”blank” id=”1179″ title=”Health vending study”]healthy vending studies[/link], suggest the opposite, that people are opening up to healthy foods, and can even be profitable to move towards promoting healthy options.

Results From The Health Vending Study in Schools

The study itself found that sales did not decline when healthier options were added on college campuses, and many students were outspoken regarding their support of the change.

Approximately 200 students were asked about their views on the campus vending machines before and after the healthy food was added, and purchasing remained steady before and after the change.

the perceived taste and convenience of the food did not decline, and overall people were happy that they had healthier vending options.

At Atlantic Vending, we believe in promoting consumer health, and we are excited that this is what the vending market is starting to move towards!

Looking For Healthy Vending Services?

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