The History of Book Vending Machines

book vending machineVending machines have been used over the years for many different products, however one of the oldest types, the book vending machine, has a long, interesting history.

First reaching the market in 1822, the first book-dispensing vending machine was built in England by Richard Carlile. Carlile, a bookseller, wanted to sell provocative books, such as Paine’s Age of Reason without having to face the punishment for selling “blasphemous material.”

One of the pioneers in changing reading habits in England also had a part in the history of book dispending vending machines. Allen Lane, founder of Penguin Books created the Penguincubator.

Although the idea never really caught on, it is interesting to see one of the biggest names in the book industry believed in the power of book vending machines.

Beyond the Early Days of Book Dispensing Machines

Another push for book vending machines came in June, 1947 when Popular Science created the Book-O-Mat which featured 50 different books that could be purchased for a quarter. Since then, the trend has only gained traction, especially in Eastern civilizations where you can find vending machines for almost anything.

Presently, Western success for book vending machines is pretty hit or miss, but appear to be flourishing in Stockholm and Germany.

An interesting variation on this type of vending machine recently debuted in a Toronto bookshop, called the BIBLIO-MAT, where customers can purchase a randomly selected book for about $1-$2. One of the drawbacks to a book vending machine is that books are less disposable than many items regularly bought through a vending machine.

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