The Rise of Kosher Vending Machines

Vending Machine Services Atlantic CityIf you weren’t already aware, Kosher vending machines are on the rise, and they have been since their debut in 2007. With this trend becoming more and more prominent, it’s time for business owners to start considering installing one within their companies. For big corporations especially with Jewish employees, a Kosher vending machine might just be the next item on the purchase list.

However, if you aren’t exactly sure what a Kosher vending machine is, or why purchasing one may be a worthwhile consideration, this article can answer both of these questions, and more.

What are Kosher Foods?

Kosher foods are specific fruits, vegetables, meats and other edible items that are deemed acceptable to eat by Jewish individuals. In Hebrew, the word “Kosher” itself means “appropriate” or “fit,” so the Kosher diet simply outlines which foods are appropriate and not appropriate to eat by Jews. This diet is rooted within the Hebrew Bible and was later more thoroughly defined by the rabbis of late antiquity. For example, pork is not considered to be kosher, while lamb and cow are kosher foods.

Nowadays, the popularity of the Kosher diet has progressed to include delicious, complete kosher meals and snacks, such as kosher salads and smoothies. In fact, the prevalence of the kosher diet is predicted to double by 2021, according to the Zion Market Research, and continue to increase from there.

Why Does My Business Need Kosher Vending Machines?

Ultimately, having a Kosher vending machine within your business would offer a lovely change to Jewish individuals who routinely walk past vending machines and turn down fresh company meals. This would cater specifically to your Jewish employees, bringing ease and convenience to their lunch routines, while also showing them that your business appreciates and values them. It also signals that your business respects and caters to specific religious dietary restrictions, which is always a positive, inclusive step to take.

Kosher vending machines within corporations are becoming more and more popular, as one just recently appeared in Manhattan in December. This one offers fresh, ready-made Kosher lunches from Ouri’s Gourmet Market to Jewish employees in a Midtown Manhattan building. And, as can be expected, this is a marvelous thing for both Jewish and non-Jewish individuals alike. With the popularity of the Kosher diet continuing to increase, it’s no surprise that the prevalence of Kosher vending machines is increasing as well to accommodate these trends. So, it’s time to add a Kosher vending machine to your corporation.

Ready to Add a Kosher Vending Machine to Your Business?

Kosher vending machines are certainly a worthwhile item to add to your business to promote respect and employee acceptance. So, if you are seeking to install one within your business, look no further than our full line vending services at Atlantic Vending. Our vending services in New Jersey can supply you with any vending machine you may need, from Kosher vending machines to regular snack and candy vending machines. To request more information or to purchase your Kosher vending machine today, call us at (888) 218-8363 or complete our contact form.