Top 3 Reasons Healthy Vending Machines in Schools Are a Fantastic Idea

Starting in the school year 2014-2015, the “Smart Snacks in School” program was introduced by the USDA. While this law mandated an improvement in lunch and vending machine options, here are the reasons why healthy vending machines in schools are a fantastic idea:

1. Reduce Calories

Vending machines in schools used to be full of high-sugar, high calorie treats. Now that the snacks are required to meet certain nutritional guidelines, the days of easy access to these unhealthy snacks are over. This makes an immediate impact on the health of children as more than 1/4 of the daily calories consumed by students can be through snacks.

2. Reduce Obesity and Related Health Problems

Once children are conditioned to like healthy snack options, they’re more likely to make other healthy choices. Instead of fast food meals, these students are more likely to desire home-cooked meals full of healthy ingredients.

Once children are eating healthier at school and at home, they’re more likely to continue healthy eating habits throughout their lives. The body stops craving these unhealthy snacks and starts running better on higher quality fuel.

This change in diet can result in a healthier life in the short and long-term.

3. Improve Focus, Productivity, and Mood

Unhealthy food and snacks give short bursts of energy followed by a crash. If students are eating healthier foods at school and at home, they’re much more attentive, productive, and in a better mood. This leads to better grades, better test scores, and acceptance into better colleges. In short, a better life full of opportunities.

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