Upgrade Your Rental Property with Micro Market Vending

If you own an apartment building or rental complex, it’s important to provide amenities that keep current renters happy and draw in new residents. Staying on top of trends in rental property and choosing the updates that provide the best return on your investment is essential to maximizing your profits while ensuring satisfied tenants. One of the easiest, cost-effective updates you can make is adding micro market vending to your New Jersey apartment building or rental community. 

A Fresh Take on Apartment Vending Machines

Improve apartment value with micro market vending Vending machines for sodas and snacks are staples at most apartment community facilities like the clubhouse or laundry center. While they may bring in a small amount of extra income, they can also be more of a hassle than anything, for both you and your residents, and they certainly aren’t a marketable amenity. That’s why more apartment buildings and rental communities are making the shift to micro markets. 

We partner with Avanti micro markets to install a completely automated, self-service store that functions like a miniature convenient store with coolers for drinks and refrigerated items and shelving for dry goods and shelf-stable items. Instead of just sodas, you can provide a wide variety of food and beverage options that your tenants and community employees will love. Included in the market is a self-serve payment kiosk where your tenants and community employees can purchase selections with cash, debit, or even load money onto a key card or payment app. It’s convenient, easy-to-use, and virtually hassle free for both you and residents of your property!

Micro Markets Benefit Your Renters

By providing onsite vending services beyond just a soda machine, your residents can enjoy a variety of benefits! 

Excellent Food Quality

Instead of having only candy bars and soda, your micro market can be stocked with meal options, healthy snacks, and sundries, including:

  • Fresh salads and sandwiches
  • Frozen meals
  • Breakfast sandwiches
  • Fruit cups, veggie cups, and yogurt
  • Protein bars, beef jerky, and granola
  • Bottled juice, water, and other beverages
  • Travel-size sundries like lip balm, headache and cold medicine, and even sample size laundry detergent

Unmatched Convenience

Instead of having to go out for lunch, run to the store, or order delivery, your renters are just a few steps away from buying a healthy dinner or a favorite snack. Because the shelves are open, like at a convenience store, residents can look at nutrition guides, read ingredients, and make better decisions before purchasing what they want. They will also appreciate the easy payment options that includes debit or scanning an app or key card that they can load money onto. 

Creates Community

By turning a seldom-used common area into an onsite cafe, residents can build a neighborhood feel, which is often lost in rental communities. With more traffic in the common areas, residents can get to know one another and set up community events. Even renters who simply want a place to study or work that’s outside their apartment will enjoy an updated common space. 

Micro Market Vending is Convenient for Property Owners

Not only do residents enjoy micro market vending, property owners see a variety of benefits, too. Adding photos of your new, on-site cafe to your online listing can generate more leads while existing tenants will be less likely to move – after all, you’re offering something that most rental communities haven’t even heard of. 

As if that wasn’t enough, installing automated, kiosk-based vending, is a near hassle-free experience. Your Avanti market will come with:


We include a low-profile security camera to monitor your vending area to prevent lost items. 


Your office employees don’t have to worry about refunding stolen dollars from outdated vending machines ever again. With automated touch screen kiosks, you’re not involved in the payment at all.

Low Cost of Use

Our refrigerated shelving is Energy Star approved, so your utility bills will stay low.

Scheduled Services

Once we set up your market, we schedule regular times to restock your shelving and coolers. Whenever you want to change out your options, simply reach out to us!

Contact Atlantic Vending for Micro Market Vending Services 

Do you currently have a community space that is seldom used or are looking for a cost-efficient way to improve an existing space? Installing a micro market at your New Jersey rental property allows you to turn underutilized areas into marketable amenities. To learn more about Avanti micro markets, call us at (888) 218-8363 or fill out our contact form below to get started! 

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