Revolutionary App to Assist the Visually Impaired

Imagine that you couldn’t tell what color your socks were. What if when you went to the vending machine at work for your mid-afternoon munchies, you couldn’t see your choices. This would inhibit you from making a decision, wouldn’t it? The most mundane of activities can become immeasurably difficult with impaired vision. Efforts to use smartphones and other pieces of technology can be unpleasant, not to mention futile, if you can’t see the screen.

VelaSense by Verizon Wireless and VISUS technology Atlantic Vending

A new app called VelaSense, recently released by Verizon Wireless and VISUS Technology, will help smartphone users who are visually impaired to perform a variety of actions that would otherwise be difficult to maneuver.

The Velasense app utilizes smart devices’ camera in order to communicate to the user the color and language of scanned objects and text. It can also scan bar codes and identify available items in vending machines. The app conveys its gathered information to the user via headset. The app is part of a series of applications and devices that are designed specifically to assist the blind and visually impaired. This life-changing technology is significant because it gives those who need visual aid easy access to comfortably execute daily tasks.

The Impact of Visual Aid Technology

The app also allows users to access a cloud interface of applications and other devices in addition to serving a variety of other functions. It is most notable that the app allows the visually impaired to perform the simplest of tasks that would otherwise be quite difficult for them, and it really puts into perspective the necessity of technology for people in the 21st century. The evolution of visual aid technology is astonishing and has impacted all kinds of people and industries.

VelaSense is available in the Android Market for most phones and tablets operating at a 4.3 series or higher.

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