Vending Machines Give Books to Underprivileged

ReJetBlue_BookVendercently, we wrote a blog highlighting the fascinating history of the book vending machines. Now a group working with JetBlue in Anacostia, VA has taken this type of machine to a Salvation Army to help under privileged children be able to get their hands on books.

Currently, less than 25 percent of students enrolled in Ward 8 middle schools in the district are able to read on level, with that number dropping below 20 percent once students reach high school. On Wednesday July 8, 2015 JetBlue kicked off their Soar with reading initiative with a little help from Redskin’s quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Since 201, the Soar with Reading program has donated more than $1,250,000 worth of free books to children in communities in need. What makes this year most interesting to our team at Atlantic Vending is their use of vending machines to help spread literacy across Southeast, DC.

Considered a “book desert,” where there is only one age-appropriate book per every 830 children, JetBlue has strategically placed three one-of-a-kind book dispensing machines according to where a commissioned survey determined they would be most effective.

The books are totally free of charge for children using them and they do not need to be returned, giving the kids an opportunity to build up their collection.

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