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Energy Star Vending Machines

All of our vending machines meet ENERGY STAR qualifications! 

It’s important to use energy efficient vending machine models so that you get the highest bang for your buck! We want to ensure that everyone enjoys their vending experience with Atlantic Vending–including with your monthly energy bill! Don’t waste your time or money on out-dated machines that fail to meet ENERGY STAR standards!

ENERGY STAR qualified vending machines can save you more than 1,700 kWh/year compared to non-qualified models. Versus traditional models, our ENERGY STAR vending machines can save your company’s energy bill around $150 per year.

Earning the ENERGY STAR means products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

Some of the greatest benefits of ENERGY STAR certified vending machines include:

  • 50% more energy efficient
  • More efficient fans & motors keep beverages just as cold while using less energy
  • Low Power Mode option allows a machine to conserve less energy during times of inactivity

Is your New Jersey business interested in installing ENERGY STAR vending machines in your office? We can help with that! Call us at 1-888-218-8363 or request more information below.

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