Enhancing Customer Service through Vending

 Machine Technology

Atlantic Vending strives to provide you with more than just vending and beverage options. We make it our mission to provide you with the highest quality experience with our state of the art vending machine technology.

We employ leading-edge software and hardware systems to create the most streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly vending experience possible. Item-level merchandising, complete cash accountability, inventory control, vended food tracking, and financial analysis are just a few of the benefits that our advanced vending machine technology provides.

State of the Art Equipment

You won’t find any of the jam-prone, quarter-only vending machines in our lineup. All of our machines boast the latest in vending machine technology, from interactive touchscreens to cashless purchasing. 
But that’s not all. Our sophisticated vending software takes the guesswork out of accounting and stocking. Each Atlantic Vending route driver can electronically download all sales, inventory, and cash accounting data from our vending machines. This highly detailed data allows us to see beyond just dollars to create a picture of what is really going on.

We have the ability to see what snacks and beverages your people really want, ensuring your location’s most popular items are always stocked with the freshest products. You can even build a customized menu catered to your customers’ particular buying habits.

Proactive and Preventative Maintenance

Innovative vending machine software allows us to keep your vending machines well-stocked and monitors your machine’s technical performance. That way, we can stop problems before they start. But should you find your machine experiencing issues, we can have a repair technician at your door in under two hours.

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