Our New Jersey Micro Markets are the latest innovation for employee satisfaction and food service.
New Jersey Micro Markets

New Jersey Vending Services

Imagine a mini-convenience store inside your break room, filled with hundreds of product selections for co-workers. Open 24 hours, without any additional staffing needs.

The Micro Market is a fully automated unmanned retail market. Your employees pay with cash or credit cards using a touch-screen kiosk. They are set up with open shelves, so a person can pick up an item and read the nutritional label to help make a decision prior to their purchase.

Micro Markets have a greater selection compared to traditional vending machines. They can include sandwiches, salads, frozen dinners like Healthy Choice, yogurt, and fresh fruit. There’s more room for a variety of drinks including juices and coffee drinks. Traditional vending snacks are included as well.

It cuts down on employee breaks and travel time by offering healthy snacks and meals at the workplace.

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