Soda and vending machines have been synonymous with one another for as long as most anyone can remember. While soda certainly isn’t disappearing anytime soon, the beverage market has seen considerable changes in the last few years.

“Consumers should expect to see continued changes in the beverage industry in 2016, with better-for-you brands from large and small companies that communicate a story about purpose, ingredients and function. Sugary sodas and fruit juice beverages will continue to forfeit shelf space to drinks that promise energy, nutrition and satiety, all while being formulated with fewer, simpler ingredients, and less calories from sugars.”

–Donna Berry, Food Business News

Not Just Soda Machines: Beverage Vending Services Today

Beverage vending company new jerseyShifting lifestyles and consumer mindsets have opened the door for alternative beverages to solidly stake their claim in the beverage market. Sports drinks, teas, seltzer/tonic waters, and health-conscious options such as artisanal juices and smoothies are experiencing exponential growth in popularity.  Selecting healthy beverage options is easier than you might think. Here are some tips on how to identify a healthy vending machine or market beverages.

Atlantic Vending specializes in providing the products New Jersey consumers want, and our beverage vending services are no different. We offer an extensive range of the non-carbonated and alternative beverages in addition to our traditional beverage vending menus. Contact us today and we will help you customize a beverage vending program specific to your facility’s unique needs.

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