3 Best Places to Have Vending Machines

When it comes to installing a vending machine there is one thing you must consider, location, location, location! Where you choose to place your vending machine will highly determine how much business you’ll receive on a normal basis. This article will help you get a better idea of whether your business would benefit from installing a vending machine with Atlantic Vending.

Auto Repair Shops & Waiting Rooms

Due to the fact that people are constantly coming and going from auto shops, and having to wait for their vehicles to be repaired these tend to be great places have a vending machine. It’s not only beneficial for a waiting customer, it’s also helpful for the employees. Mechanics are doing manual labor all day long and there’s no doubt that they occasionally enjoy a cold beverage or a snack throughout the day.  They would probably benefit the most from having a vending machine at the workplace.

Offices (with at least 75 employees)

Offices with 75 employees or more are also great places for vending machines. The amount of staff at the office is important because you want to make sure there’s enough people who will be using the vending machines on a regular basis. For example, an office with 10 to 15 employees most likely won’t be needing to use the vending machine nearly as often and it would not be useful to keep one in the office.

Recreation Centers

Anywhere activities or events can be held is a great place to have a vending machine — recreation centers, dance studios, and even gyms! Since people gather in these places to socialize and engage in physical activity it’s very likely that most of them would enjoy the convenience of a vending machine. Because locations like this can be rented out for events and also used publicly, they have numerous different people coming through them on a regular basis, which is great for business!

Capitalize on Your Most Popular Space

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