How to Improve Office Morale with Coffee Options

For decades, nearly every office around America had the same coffee setup: a 12-cup coffee pot, a can of generic, medium-roast coffee, a cup of sugar packets, and a container of powdered coffee creamer. This seemed perfectly acceptable, and most employees would hit this area first before making their way to their desk or workspace, and often, someone would make a fresh pot throughout the day. Was it delicious? No. Were employees satisfied? Also, no.

So, we are going to explore how ditching the Mr. Coffee and choosing office coffee services can improve morale and keep your team happier and more productive.

Gourmet Coffee Goes Mainstream

With a Starbucks on every corner, McDonald’s talking up their coffee options, and even gas stations touting higher quality coffee, the days of plain coffee have gone away. Not only do people seek out lattes and cappucinos, but even plain coffee has gotten an upgrade with an array of available flavors and roast styles. Try offering someone who starts their day with a toasted coconut flavored French roast coffee a cup of burnt breakroom brew and powdered creamer and see how that goes.

In fact, the updated Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel shows exactly how refined our coffee palette has become. Once upon a time, “nutty,” “acidic,” or “fruity” would never have been thought to describe a coffee, except for by the most dedicated aficianados but today, those flavor notes are being selected at the grocery store. As today’s coffee drinker becomes more refined, the office coffee needs to follow suit.

How Coffee Shops Are Hurting Productivity

You may be thinking that if your team doesn’t like what’s in the breakroom, let them buy their own, right? Except there are numerous downsides to this option. While it may not seem like a big deal that your employees are probably stopping by Starbucks on their way to the office or popping out for a coffee run before an afternoon meeting, it actually hurts productivity.

How many times has someone come in five or ten minutes late with a cup of drive-thru coffee in their hand talking about how the line was slower than they thought? Or how many meetings have been delayed while everyone waits for whomever was sent to Starbucks with a list to go pick it up and get back. Those minutes add up!

Providing a Variety of Coffee Flavors for a Variety of Tastes

If the ol’ reliable office coffee pot isn’t doing the job, and you want to keep everyone in the office instead of out making coffee runs, it’s time to find an option that will make everyone happy – you and your employees. Let’s consider your options:

Single Cup Machines and Coffee Pods

The single-cup coffee brewers with individual pods are one solution to consider. Everyone can choose their own flavor and doctor it up with preferred creamers. The coffeemaker won’t last long if it’s being used for a whole office and the pods are significantly more expensive than traditional grounds. Plus, one single-cup machine for an office will lead to lines and waiting which, again, can hurt productivity.

Employees Bring in Their Own Coffee Pods

You can reduce the cost of coffee pods by asking your employees to just bring in their own pods so everyone gets their preferred coffee, but this continues the time problem, and can damage morale even more. By taking away a benefit, even a little-used coffee pot and asking employees to supply their own, this can upset your team and lead to dissent.

Office Coffee Service

Having an office coffee service means you’ll have a state of the art coffee machine that allows your employees to make coffee to order, so they get the exact cup they want, every time, without the wait of single-use machines and the cost of individual pods. Plus, an ongoing service allows your employees to enjoy hot tea, hot chocolate, and customize their drinks with an assortment of sugar, sweeteners, and flavored creamers. They’ll get the coffee they want, you’ll see a happier, more productive staff!

Learn More About Office Coffee in New Jersey

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