The Rise Of Healthy Beverage Vending Machines

Beverage vending machines have been around for ages and typically the first thing you think of when you think about a beverage vending machine is soda. Unfortunately, soda has been the most popular drink of vending machines for as long as they have been around. This means that it is incredibly easy for student or employees in an office park to get their hands on unhealthy drinks. But in recent years we have seen a rise in healthy beverage vending machines and we believe this trend will continue to grow as consumers become aware of the health benefits of these vending machines.

The Benefits Of Healthy Drink Vending Machines

Everyone should be concerned with their health or the health of their children, and one of the leading causes for concern is unhealthy eating habits. It is common amongst adults of all ages as well as children. The level of childhood obesity is at a startling high number, and the number of obesity related deaths are also on the rise. It is important that you keep a careful eye on the food your family eats as this can make an immense impact on your overall health. Below are a few health benefits to keep in mind when you have a craving to reach for a soda.

Less Processed Sugar

Drinks such as soda are typically filled with processed sugars that aren’t natural to your body but can cause a variety of health issues. Researchers have become more strict with the recommended amount of sugar in a daily diet but most sodas will exceed these limits. Vending machines with healthy drink options can help lower the overall consumption of sugar and promote healthier options for children as well as adults.

No Sugar Crash

One of the worst things about consuming a lot of sugar is when the sugar begins to wear off and you start feeling incredibly tired. This is known as a “sugar crash” and by relying on soda or sugary snacks for your energy you will soon be left tired on unfulfilled. You can see a noticeable difference in your energy levels if you utilize natural caffeine such as green tea or black tea instead of drinks filled with sugar. We recommend that you try to cut out sugary drinks for one week and replace it only with water, tea, juice drinks, or coffee. We believe that you will see a noticeable change in your energy levels as well as your overall productivity.

Higher Productivity Levels

As we stated in the above paragraph, by not relying on sugary drinks such as soda that are typically found in vending machines you will be able to see an increase in productivity in students or adults. Students who are in school for long periods of time can suffer from sugar crashes or sugar jitters when they become too reliant on soda to keep them alert. We believe by providing your school or office with healthy drink vending options you will see an increase in overall health and employee productivity.

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