The Future is Here: Uber Offers In-Car Vending Services

healthy-vending-njUber drivers can now make a little extra cash while driving busy customers. The popular transportation company has taken over the taxi industry, and now it’s teaming up with a company called Cargo to offer a bonus to its on-the-go clients.

If you don’t have time to grab a bite to eat between your next business meeting and evening hangout, you can now utilize the Cargo vending machines placed in Uber vehicles. The vending machine even offers some complimentary items, such as Cheez-Its and chocolate cookies. Some even offer Blowfish hangover tablets–so if you’re Ubering home from a Friday night that got a little too wild, you’re all set!

Healthy and Medical Vending On-The-Go!

Need an ibuprofen on your way to work? The vending machine even offers paid options like over-the-counter medication. You can get an energy drink to power through your next meeting, healthy vending options, and even USB cords and chargers (in case you forgot yours!) Plus, Uber drivers collect fifty cents per sale! Cargo and Uber really are providing a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs!

Join the Vending Revolution

Vending machines add value for customers — whether they’re in a waiting room at a car repair shop or visiting your office for a client meeting to discuss building a new website. Offering fresh foods, coffee and tea, or a light snack can really put your clients and customers in a better mood! Plus, you make a portion of the sales!

Are you interested in having a vending machine for your clients or employees?  To find out more about our healthy vending services, call us at (888) 218-8363 or request more information below.
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