Upgrade Your Break Room with Avanti Markets

Avanti Market upgrades New Jersey BreakroomAs an employer, one of the biggest steps you can take to boosting morale, reducing turnover, and even making an excellent impression on new employees is by caring about your team’s well-being. Providing them with a pleasant, upgraded break area to relax and refuel can go a long way toward showing you value your employees, and one of the best ways you can upgrade the break room is with an Avanti Market.

Unlike having a few dusty, traditional vending machines that only offer unhealthy snacks and sodas, installing an Avanti Market transforms your break room into a mini convenience store with a delightful array of meals, snacks, and beverages. 


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What Are Avanti Micro Markets?

Micro market vending in New Jersey is a far cry from the typical break room vending machines. They consist of coolers and shelving similar to what is in a convenience store, providing a self-serve access to a large variety of beverages, snacks, and even full meal options. 

Avanti elevates the typical micro market by having a fully automated, 100 percent customizable store. Featuring a user-friendly app, users can pick out their items, scan their card, and be on their way in less time than it takes to dig out a crumpled dollar from their wallet! 

How Are Avanti Markets Better For Employees?

Upgrading your break room to an Avanti market is beneficial and convenient for your team in a variety of ways. 

Convenient Access to Fresh and Healthy Foods

Instead of only having chips, candy bars, and sodas available, by blending coolers, freezers, and standard shelving, your employees have a wide selection of fresh and healthy vending options for meals and snacks. Avanti micro markets can be stocked with: 

  • Fresh salads and sandwiches
  • Fresh produce, like fruit cups and veggie cups or a fruit basket of apples, bananas, and oranges
  • Yogurt
  • Packs of nuts or seeds
  • Protein bars

Saves Time and Money

Typically, employee meals are either brought from home or picked up at a restaurant. Just the drive or walk to and from a restaurant can take up much of the lunch break, causing employees to either be late coming back or have to hastily eat their meal. Having an on-site market allows your team to take full advantage of their time without being late. 

Fosters Team Connections

When you have a pleasant, updated break room where your employees want to gather, they will have the opportunity to talk and chat in a non-working space. This improves relationships and will carry over into making work relationships better.

Safer for Employees

For New Jersey businesses and offices that have a night shift, having an upgraded break room with ample food choices is important. Instead of having to leave for food at night when there may not be close locations open or employees may have to go into a parking lot or garage alone, they can get a good meal in a safe environment. 

Avanti Micro Markets Are Ideal for Employers

Not only is upgrading the break room to an Avanti market great for your employees, it’s also beneficial to you as the employer.

Improved Morale

By updating your break room with great food and beverage choices, your employees will feel valued, and when your team feels valued, you’ll see a rise in productivity and a decrease in turnover. Both of these are great for your bottom line!

Healthier Employees

Because Avanti markets offer fresh foods, fruits and vegetables, and low-calorie or low-sugar options, your employees have easy access to healthy meals and snacks. Instead of grabbing a soda and a candy bar for an afternoon pick-me-up, they can grab a bottle of sparkling water and a piece of fruit or a package of trail mix. Instead of hitting the drive-through for a burger and fries, they can enjoy a fresh salad or deli-style sandwich. 

Not only will this provide energy to keep them focused all day, this improves long-term health, too!


Upgrade Your Break Room with Avanti Markets

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