Coca Cola Announces New Bottles of Ice

Earlier this summer, Coca-Cola released perhaps its most genius product yet: bottles made of ice. You drink your coke, and then the bottle melts.

This product was released in Columbia as a limited time promotion for the summer of 2013. The aim of this innovative product was to be truly eco-friendly, leaving no materials behind after you drink it that needs to be recycled.

Update in 2017: While innovative, users had concerns over the cleanliness of the ice bottles, since ice tends to collect dirt and germs. Many people also found the red rubber band where the logo was – meant to be the way to hold the bottle – ackward and not wide enough for a proper grip. There were many concerns about holding the ice for long enough to finish the drink.

The ice bottle did not catch on. Many considered the product to be a silly marketing gimmick.