Future of New Jersey Vending Technology

As this world continues to get more technologically advanced things are starting to change all around us. The way we communicate has changed over the last few years and soon our vending machines will be changing too.

Technology changes in the restaurant and retail industry have been slowly rolling out over the last few years, as you can now use your smartphone to pay for your Starbucks coffee and other places like CVS, Walgreens, and Target allow you to use your phone in place of their key ring reward cards.

Except for recent changes over the years in types of bottle and price increases, vending technology has been immune to many changes over the years. However, As a [link id=”15″ title=New Jersey full line vending”]New Jersey full-line vending[/link] company though we know changes are right around the corner for the vending machine industry.

Some of the changes include:

  • The ability to pay from your phone. – Can you imagine paying for your drink by using your phone instead of a credit card?  Some vending machines are already allowing you to do this and you will see more of them in 2014.
  • Find a vending machine apps. – Popular movie vending company Redbox already does it, so there’s no reason why we should not see one for our favorite drink companies implement this in the future.
  • More diverse food. – Expect a Bigger Diversity of food and drink from vending machines, as the vending machine industry hopes to gather a bigger audience. More and more companies are starting to get into the vending machine space, this includes Red Bull as well as pizza-making vendors and PuraVida.

It’s safe to say that changes are coming to vending machine industry. At this point it’s more of a when, than a if.

Looking for a New Jersey Vending Machine Supplier?

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