Full-Line Vending and Soft Drink Bans

If you have turned on the news in the last year or regularly follow any healthy news, chances are that you have heard about an increasing urge by local state governments to ban sugary drinks, in particular soda. With similar bills getting mentioned more and more by states across the nation, it’s important that you understand, what this bill means to not just businesses throughout the country but yourself as well.

A ban on sugary drinks often will not only affect caffeinated beverages such as Coke and Pepsi, but it will also affect restaurants and possibly even vending machines throughout New Jersey and even the entire United States. Many restaurants serve tons of caffeinated drink options every day and make huge sales on these drinks alone, without having to serve any food. If said ban, ever took place the departure of these sales might lead to an increase in your food in local restaurants, to make up for that lost revenue.

Of course soft drinks are affected by this movement, but many of the drinks that you get from your local [link id=”22″ title=”New Jersey Vending Machines”]vending machines[/link] are filled with sugar including some of your favorite flavored drinks and even some water. The question will be as time goes by, what is considered a “sugary beverage.”

Our Sister state New York is actually still discussing a proposed legislature by Mayor Michael Bloomberg that would ban restaurants and food carts from selling sodas and sugary beverages over 16 ounces. Will this past? Who knows, but it will be interesting to watch.

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