Will the Future of Mobile Technology Disrupt the Vending Machine Market

At Atlantic Vending we are always thinking about the future. The future of where our industry is going, and the future of where technology is going is always on the top of our mind.

Being a vending company we have seen many changes happen in the past few years, from the arrival of the classic coke-cola can to the addition of kiosks being used to rent DVD’s.

Changes are happening that affect the vending community all the time. As a top  [link id=”445″ title=”New Jersey Full-Line Vending Company”]New Jersey vending company[/link], it’s important that we keep an eye on mobile technology and stay above all the latest trends. In particular how people buy things and what people are buying has changed over the last few years.

Keeping an eye on how people pay for things in this mobile world is important, as the last few years have seen various forms of mobile payment pop-up over the years.

Mobile Payments affecting New Jersey Vending Company

Though none of these forms of payment are affecting the vending community quite yet, it’s important that we keep an eye on them.

These forms of payment include:

  • Square – Square has made it possible for people to make payments via their phone. It’s just mere moments that this technology is transferred over to other technology.
  • Google Wallet – Google’s own form of mobile payments. Google Wallet is a combination of Square and PayPal that Google hopes to bring to businesses in the near future.
  • Coin – Coin a new start-up that is getting a bunch of attention currently, allows you to store all of your credit card information on one card allowing you to switch between cards seamlessly.

It will be important to watch these 3 forms of payments. Forms of payments will definitely affect the future of the vending industry and it will be fun to see where the future goes.

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