How Healthy Vending Machines Can Improve Your School In 2020

More and more schools are beginning to understand the importance of having healthy vending machines in their schools. With more legal intervention it is important to provide your students with healthy snack alternatives compared to just junk food that are traditional offered by most vending machines. Healthy snacks can offer students a snack that satisfies their hunger but also provides them with the energy and focus they need to get their work done. Below we have listed a few benefits that healthy vending machines can offer to your students.

Convenient Access To Healthy Options

Typically it is difficult for students to find healthy food options with their school because the only options are junk food such as potato chips in the vending machine that lack the nutrients the students need. Junk food is typically high is sugar but low in nutrients such as vitamins and protein that students need to grow as well as to stay focused. Our healthy vending machines provide the students a healthy snack option that will keep the students healthy but also provide them with the nutrients they need to stay focused and productive during the school day.

Improve Overall Productivity

Recent studies have shown that healthy eating can help boost job performance by close to 25%. Just by having healthy options available to staff as well as for students your school could see a drastic improvement in overall productivity. Healthy snack options can help improve the performance as well as the morale of employee members as well as students which can make a noticeable difference throughout the school year.

Reduce Unnecessary Calories

Sugary snacks such as junk food that are commonly found in vending machines can be packed with calories. But the calories found in these snacks aren’t healthy calories. They are calories that come mostly from sugar and artificial ingredients which have been a major issues in the obesity crisis. Recent studies have shown that many students will consume between 1/4 and 1/2 of their daily calories through snack foods. This means they are having an abundant amount of sugar and unhealthy foods. By having healthy snack options we can drastically cut down on the total amount of calories that students eat on a daily basis.

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