New Jersey Vending Machine Laws

At the beginning of the new year there are always tons of new bills that were passed by congress in the previous year, that start taking into affect. It’s important as a company, that we keep up to date with the latest bills, so that we can better serve our customers and act as a company.

A few important bills that have caught our eyes lately and something that we are keeping an eye on in 2014 is the taxation of vending machines.

We understand as the government continues to look for ways to make money and get rid of the deficit, in our rugged economy, it’s only simple that they will look for things such as gas, cigarettes, and even vending machines to make some extra money on. The vending industry has grown day by day as something more than just a place where people buy soft drinks. More and more options vending options are available today through the vending machine industry, such as movie rentals and even shoes.

The [link id=”22″ title=”Energy Star Vending Machines”]vending machine[/link] is definitely not what it once was and it’s continuing to evolve today, and congress and the senate is taking notice. It will be interesting to watch these laws and the success of other vending machine options as the year progresses.

New Jersey Vending Machine Options

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