How To Reset Your Eating Habits After Winter and the SuperBowl

Yes, you may be experiencing snow now right now but sunshine and spring is right around the corner. We know that many of you have probably been hibernating during the holidays and eating fatty foods during this year’s Super Bowl, but it’s time to reset your eating habits now that the game is over and get into shape.

There are a variety of things that you can do right now to change your health and put you on the right course for spring and the rest of 2014. Our [link id=”15″ title=”New Jersey Vending Services”]New Jersey healthy vending services[/link] team suggests that you first take a look at what you’re eating for lunch and what you’re taking to the office to eat. This is a time where most people add up the calorie count. By constantly going out to eat and eating high sugary foods, we’re setting ourselves up for failure. We’re not asking you to eliminate chocolate snacks completely but that would help. Bring a fresh dose of fruit and snacks to the office to munch on instead of something that is high in sugar or fat.

Also think about what you drink, most of Starbucks’ drinks are high in fat so it might make more reasonable sense to think about to switch to an [link id=”15″ title=”New Jersey Office Coffee”]office coffee[/link].

Remember even though, you might be stuck inside during the cold months it’s always important that you think about ways that you can be healthy.

New Jersey Vending Company Offers Healthy Lunch Options

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