Vending Machines, Now With Vegetables

What’s in your [link id=”15″ title=”New Jersey Atlantic Vending”]vending machine[/link]? As of right now it’s probably Coke, Pepsi, chips and chocolate bars, but soon you might start seeing vegetables and salads.

A recent trend in Chicago has seen vending machines offering healthy lunches including Salad’s from Farmer’s Fridge. Realizing that people who travel cross country are interested in healthy options, this company now provides Chicken, Salad, and Vegan salad options from the power of a kiosk. Each salad is tightly packed in a small jar that is then easily added to a vending machine for a customer to pick-up and buy.

They are not the only one offering vegetables out of their vending machines. One company in Hong Kong is allowing runners to buy Tomatoes out of their vending machine during a local race later this month.

All this is to say that vending machines are no longer for just drinks and the occasional snack. Many people are turning to vending machines for much more healthier options than the typical coke or chocolate bar. It’s only a matter of time before you start seeing options like these in your market.

Looking for healthy vending options

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