Buy A Drink, Take a Selfie

Selfie Vending Machine in Japan
photo credit: IT Media & Sankei News

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

This month, Japanese vending machine retailer, Kirin Beverage, is coming out with a “selfie vending machine.” The machine will feature normal beverage options that can typically be found in other machines across Japan, but will also hold a surprise that comes with one’s drink purchase.

The machines come equipped with an LCD display on the front and are also equipped with a camera. Although Japanese media is calling the photos selfies, the machines seem to function similarly to carnival-style sticker photo booths. They also provide users with a variety of “editing” options including frames and backgrounds. As a partnership with the booming social network, Line, the vending machines offer this free photo service with the purchase of a drink.

Once you take your picture (and your drink), you have the ability to upload it straight to Line for a seamless social media experience!

The machines will begin being outfitted across Japan later in October, and will come with English, Chinese, and Korean language options as well.

Interested in Your Own Machine?

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