Son and Daughter Day, brings out Healthy School Lunches

With Son and Daughter day slowly coming up, it may be important for us to not just think about our kids, but about their growth and what your kids actually eat.   Food is the building blocks of your kids so it’s important that you start to think about what they eat at a very early age.

Probably the most important meal that you worry about, when it comes to your kids is lunch.  Many parents still tend to rely on their school cafeterias to feed their kids, meaning that they have to trust in their kids to pick the healthy option instead of choosing to go with a slice of pizza or a chicken sandwich/fries every day.

Though generally funded by states, lunchrooms have evolved over the years and tend to be trying harder than ever to offer healthy foods to our kids.  It’s not soley on the cafeteria though, a lot of what the kid picks is based on how they were raised and them knowing that their are healthy options available including, [link id=”12″ title=”Healthy Vending Options”]healthy vending options[/link] to full on micro markets.

The following options  should be taught to kids who regularly eat at the school lunchroom:

  • Teach kids to choose a low-fat milk.
  • Teach kids to include a vegetable and a starch in every meal.
  • Teach kids to choose a fruit as a dessert, this could include yogurt or even an apple.

Remember lunch is probably one of the most important parts of the day that we tend to for granted of.  It’s important that we choose healthy lunch options now before it’s to late.

Looking for healthy school vending options?

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