Healthy Vending Options on National Trail Mix Day

With National Trail Mix Day right around the corner, it’s important to not only think about this awesome snack item but what exactly it means to the [link id=”24″ title=”Healthy Vending Snacks NJ”]healthy snack[/link] community.

For those of us not familiar with Trail Mix, it’s a healthy snack alternative that has showed up in recent years even in vending machines and office locations.

For those of us not familiar with trail mix, it’s generally a dessert item that contains dried fruit, grains, nuts, and sometimes chocolate. Created since the late 1950s, trail mix has seemed to really catch on in today’s modern society in the last 20 years and has evolved over the years as the nation’s vending snacks have changed as well to have a healthier approach.

Vending machines have evolved just as much as snacking and trail mix have.  These machines which used to carry only  junk foods and snacks such as  fun-sized bag chips and snicker bars are now carrying more healthier options these days, including trail mix, granola bars, and peanuts. It seems that vending machines understand that more and more people are becoming health conscience in recent years, which is why some vending options have evolved over the years to include micro markets, which is the hottest new craves.

Where snacking will go in the future is anyone’s option, but it’s safe to say that Trail Mix is here to stay.

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