Vending Machine Equipment with State-of-the-art Technology

At [link id=”86″ title=”Atlantic Vending Machines”]Atlantic Vending[/link], we invest in leading edge software and hardware systems to provide you with item-level merchandising, complete cash accountability, inventory control, vended food tracking and forecasting, taxes, commissions and a financial analysis on your vending equipment.

As one of the few vending service providers in New Jersey to “DEX” its vending machines, Atlantic Vending stands out above the rest for all your vending machine services. Adopted by the vending equipment industry, DEX is a data standard that creates a uniform interface method to extract data from vending machines such as cash accountability data and also offers sales tracking. In addition to DEX, Atlantic Vending also implements the Streamware VendMAX software solution to help increase cash flow and revenue while cutting costs.

Each of our route drivers are equipped with handheld computers that electronically downloads all sales, inventory and cash accounting data from the vending machines to produce product sales and monitor the exact amount of bills and coins collected from each service visit. The data collected is utilized to distinguish desirable and popular selling products and to make sure your vending machine stays in stock with them.

Atlantic Vending machines are designed by leading manufacturers and equipped with infrared technology to detect if a product has dropped, ensuring customers receive their selected product or receives their money back. Our software also monitors the daily technical performance of each machine, allowing you to rest assured of your vending equipment functionality.

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