Taco Bell’s Super Bowl Surprise

On January 7th, Taco Bell issued a press release teasing a brand new product to “change the game” in a 30-second spot during Super Bowl 50, which airs this Sunday, February 7th.

Taco Bell’s Super Announcement

Originally released as, “Its Biggest Food Creation Ever,” the surprise has become even more lucrative in that Taco Bell redacted much of the original press release. They took out much of the details that were originally on the press release and may have hinted at what the Super Bowl Surprise actually was.

For the food and vending industry could learn a lesson from Taco Bell’s brave marketing tactics. In the past, Taco Bell has blacked out all of its social channels to promote the launch of its mobile app, it’s hired the help of “Breakfast Defectors” to promote its breakfast line, and it changed their web URL to Ta.Co because…why not?!

taco bell super bowl 50

Now it’s enticing its fanbase by prompting them to pre-order a mystery food item that will be revealed to the preorderers on Saturday, February 6th. Those who buy ahead will get to preview the item a couple days before everyone else!

This kind of brand loyalty–the kind that motivates Taco Bell followers to buy something blindly–is incredible. The rest of the food and vending industry should take a page from Taco Bell’s insane marketing book!

Bring the Bang to Micro Markets

In vending micro markets, it’s easy to feature new products–so how do we get people as excited about them as Taco Bell has gotten its fans? It’s about consistency in delivery, but surprise in intention. You want to give people what they want, but you also want people to want what you have to offer before they realize they need it.

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