World’s First Fully-Automated, Coin-Operated Car Vending Machine Opens

There are a variety of unique vending machines across the globe, from ones that dispense Legos, to others that dish out fresh hot dogs. Now there’s a machine in Nashville, Tennessee that doles out cars.

Yeah, you read that correctly. Carvana, an online used car retailer, has welcomed their fully-stocked, coin-operated car vending machine into its scope of business. Towering at five stories, the glass vending machine can host as many as 20 used cars at a time. The area in which the machine is located also includes a welcome center and three delivery bays at which ordered cars are dispensed.

To use the car vending machine, car buyers make their purchase online first. Then, they go to the Carvana vending machine where they find their name at a kiosk inside. They are given a “Carvana-branded coin into the custom coin slot, which initiates the vending process,” according to a company press release.

Carvana records the car-dispensing process so that customers can easily share their experience on social media.

Vending Machine for Cars

After receiving the car, Carvana shoppers may “test drive” their vehicle during a 7-day period. This time allows customers to decide whether or not they want to keep the car. This is due to the fact that these car-buyers are purchasing their cars before they’ve even seen, touched, or driven them in real life.

Want to be a part of this unique car-buying process, but aren’t located in Nashville? Carvana’s got you covered. The company will subsidize $200 in airfare and promises to arrange “white glove transportation” from the airport to the vending machine.

At first glance, this unique vending machine seems like a crazy idea. The more you think about it, though, the more it makes sense. People often complain that the most tiresome part of car-buying is the salesmen. This machine cuts out that hassle, and routes buyers to a website that allows them to customize their experience with minimal pressure or distractions.The power is in the hands of the consumer, and that’s what makes this machine so intriguing.

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