Vending machines  and micro markets offer a quick and convenient fix to the sudden onset of hunger or thirst in the workplace or on the go. Nowadays, people have many options available in vending machines. With new trends in America moving towards healthier lifestyles, sometimes it can be a challenge to find convenient options to fit the concerns of the healthy person.

Vending machines, as well as, micro markets offer many types of beverages. Sodas are the most popular beverage choice offering refreshment and sometimes caffeine for those looking to stay awake. There are juices for those looking to steer away from the carbonation and added sugars of soda. Another choice, and probably the most popular one in the office, is coffee. Recently, raw fruit juices have emerged as popular options as well as protein shakes. Despite all of these options already on the market, producers continue to introduce new products. However, with so many options to choose from, how do you narrow them down to what you want? Is it even possible to find a healthy option to satisfy your afternoon beverage craving?

Allow us to help with 6 tips for selecting a healthy beverage.

1. Flavor does not always equal Calories- Just because a drink is healthy does not mean it has to be boring. Flavored waters and teas are gaining popularity and offer a much healthier alternative to sugary, high-calorie beverages. Teas (both hot and cold) offer a host of nutritional benefits including vitamins and antioxidants.
2. Make sure your Juice is Juice- Do not be fooled by drinks labeled “fruit beverage” or “fruit drink”. Be sure that juices are labeled “100% Juice”. Beverages not labeled as “100% Juice” may contain lots of added sugar and preservatives.
3. Set Beverage Limits- An easy way to begin to cut back on unhealthy drinks is to set a limit. A ceiling number of drinks per day or per week easily allow you to limit your unhealthy beverage intake.
4. Keep a Desk Tally- Just as setting limits is important, keeping a drink tally at your desk is a good way to observe how many of each drink you have had. This is an easy and effective way to monitor your beverage intake and help cut down on the calories and preservatives of unhealthy beverages.
5. Start making Substitutions- Begin by exchanging one drink per day for a healthy beverage such as a soda for a juice. As mentioned previously, low calorie and healthy options do not have to lack flavor and excitement. Substituting a soda per day for a flavor water or tea can make significant health benefits without sacrificing the mid-afternoon excitement. Another popular substitution is exchanging soda for another sparkling beverage such as seltzer water with a splash of fruit juice (as long as its 100% juice).
6. Water is Always a Winner- At the end of the day, plain old water is the most efficient way of hydrating yourself. Water is the healthiest choice by far. It is also one of the most important things the body needs. You are 70% water after all!

Looking to Make a Change to Healthier Beverages?

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