The Best & Worst (For You) Vending Machine Snacks

Hunger can hit you at the most inconvenient and unexpected of times, so that’s why vending machines and micro markets are great! A quick snack to curb your cravings until meal time is great for your concentration and overall health–as long as you’re snacking properly! At Atlantic Vending, we stock our machines and markets with lots of healthy options for our customers in addition to the traditional vending machine treats. While it’s okay to indulge your sweet or salty snack cravings every once in awhile, it’s best to stay on a healthy track for a better you. Check out this compilation of best and worst vending machine foods and drinks to help you make the best decisions for yourself:

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The Most Unhealthy Vending Machine Snacks

Sweet & Pastries

Prepackaged pies, honey buns, cinnamon rolls, toaster pastries–these are delicious treats, especially as a breakfast alternative, but they are terrible for you! They are typically loaded with preservatives and are always high in sugar content. They are typically high in calorie content and although they might provide you with a short burst of energy, they won’t satiate your cravings for very long.

Chips & Buttery Crackers

These snacks are typically high in trans fats and sodium content, which is a deadly combination for people looking to watch their weight. Chips are also often treated with BHA (Butylated Hydrooxyanisole) and BHT (Butylated Hydoroxytulene) to extend their shelf lives. These harmful chemicals have been linked to cancer and other health ailments.


These tasty treats are a great satisfaction to that pesky sweet tooth but they are so high in refined carbohydrates and extra sugars that they won’t do much to keep you full for very long. Packaged cookies also have a ton of added preservatives to make them last longer, but which are terrible for your body. Manufacturers have also begun using palm oil instead of hydrogenated oil in making these cookies. The extraction and use of palm oil has been linked to serious environmental issues including deforestation and habitat degradation.

Soft-Drinks and Sugary Juices

Soft drinks are terrible for your health. They break down tooth enamel, they’re filled with sugar and calories–all of which provide no health benefits, vitamins or anything. Soft drinks are essentially bubbly, empty calories and you should try to avoid them as much as possible.

The Vending Machine Snacks that are Actually Good For You

Nuts, Trail Mix, & Dried Fruit

Nuts are great for your heart health and they are also a decent source of protein–which is perfect for those pesky mid-afternoon cravings. Consuming nuts daily can lead to some serious heart-health benefits including a decreased risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes. If you are going to choose nuts for your snack, go for a lightly salted option to reduce your sodium intake. Trail mixes are also a great snack variety for a mix of sweet and salty. These snacks offer a great boost in fiber, protein, and vitamins–which is the kind of afternoon pick-me-up that you need.

Granola Bars or Loose Granola

Granola bars are great because they are portion-sized and typically around 200 calories. Some of them are high in sugar content, so be wary of that when choosing your granola snack. Most granola bars are also rich in grains like oat or flax–you can even opt for the flavors that include fruit and nuts for some added benefits.


Popcorn (that isn’t loaded with butter, salt, cheese, or caramel) is a great source of whole grain that is full of fiber and antioxidants. Aim for air popped, low-sodium popcorn to satisfy your snack needs.


As tempting as a sugary soda can be, it’s best to go with water every time. Water is the best way to hydrate and it offers a ton of health benefits when you drink it in appropriate quantities–your body is made up of 70% water, after all!

Stay Healthy with Atlantic Vending’s Quality Vending Services

At Atlantic Vending, we don’t want you to go hungry for the sake of steering clear of unhealthy snack options. We work to stock all of our machines and micro markets with quality snacks that will keep you full at little cost to your wallet and your health. Give us a call to learn more at 1-888-218-8363 or fill out our contact form.