Healthy Vending Machine Study Found 90% Prefer Healthy Vending Food

In August of 2014, Northwestern University surveyed people who used healthy vending machines in parks. They found that nearly 90% of the people were happy with the healthier food options such as granola bars and dried fruit.

These vending machines were found to be more profitable as well, boosting sales over 400% compared to the previous year when they were stocking things like mini-donuts and potato chips. They not only help people stay healthy, but they also are more cost-effective.  Katie Bishop, the nutrition policy associate, mentioned in the article that:

“Word will catch on and vendors will be forced to switch to the model as what’s part of a larger movement of localities, states and the country,”

Results from Healthy Vending

Northwestern University interviewed vending machine customers at 10 parks in Chicago in varying neighborhoods. 88 percent of the people said they enjoyed the healthy snacks, and 98% indicated they would try the snacks again.

At Atlantic Vending, we make it our mission to try and promote healthy vending options to encourage healthy eating.

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