The Role of Vending Machines and Millennials

Early in 2015, Millennials surpassed the Baby Boomer generation making it the largest share of the American workforce. As the rise of Millennials in the workforce continues to grow, it is important to take into account their eating habits. Millennials are pulling away from the tradition of large meals and placing a heavier focus on light snacking throughout the day. For employers, it is important to realize the shift towards snacking and the benefits provided by vending machines in the workplace.

Snacking Boosts Morale in the Office Place

vending machine business new jerseyDuring a stressful time or a mental block at work, indulging in a snack can offer an emotional boost. Vending machines and micro-markets provide employees with a convenient indulgence when needed. No one knows when a day is going become stressful; so many employees may not have snacks on hand when the day turns hectic. Vending machines provide workers with the option to step away from their desk and take their mental break without having to leave the building. Taking a small break to get a snack may lead to a new perspective or a break through on a tough situation.

Millennials are Known for Working More Than Just a 40 Hour Work Week

Millennials have a tendency to work beyond the normal 9-to-5, sometimes staying later or taking work home to meet deadlines. In order to stay sharp into the later hours, snacks and caffeine are a must to avoid the inevitable mental fade. Millennials are likely to snack up to three times a day and a study by and ORC International found that employees working for companies that provided snacks were happier overall. Happy employees are more likely to work harder and more productively for their company. Having vending machines and/or micro-markets at your office provides employees with the food and beverages necessary to help them be as productive as possible during those extra work hours.


Due to the convenience provided by today’s technology, people have come to expect convenience throughout all aspects of life. Millennials are less likely to sit down for large meals, opting for foods that are easily eaten on-the-go. Vending machines and micro-markets provide the valued aspect of convenience to eating in the workplace. Employees have a variety of options to help reenergize, ranging from healthy alternatives to indulgent treats, without having to leave the work building. Workers can get a treat and take it back to their desk to continue working. Large meals are a burden requiring time and space to eat. A snack retrieved from a micro-market is the perfect alternative for a working lunch or to help give the push needed to make it to 5 pm.

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