Vending Machine Providing Art

art vending machineMuch like any other technology, vending machines become dated as time passes and new advancements are made. However, a group of artistic minds are working together in Omaha, NE to bring new life to some antique vending machines.

The Apollon, an arts and entertainment hub out of Nebraska, is working with the Red Basket, a crowd funding site, to raise money for costs. The Apollon introduced the idea of repurposing old vending machines to dispense miniature works from local artists for about the same price as a soda or snack.

Starting with an antique cigarette vending machine, which will remain a permanent fixture at The Apollon, the plan is to move onto a snack machine next. If the campaign is successful The Apollon would like to see these unique vending machines spread throughout Omaha.

Commenting on the project, Creative Director at The Apollon commented, “Arts should be open to everyone in the community and this project will help break down barriers. If you can operate a vending machine, you can be a patron of the arts.”

If you are a vending machine enthusiast, you can donate to the project, entitled “Vending Creativity,” by visiting Red Basket’s website. The current goal is set for $5,000 with all costs going to restore the machines and purchasing art to stock them.

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