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Is Healthy Vending Just A Trend?

Are Healthy Vending Machine Options Just A Trend?

Striving for a healthier more “balanced” diet seems to be one of everyone’s top goals these days. It’s as if a health craze has taken over our country in the last few years. The vending industry has had to adjust to this societal change and start providing healthier snacks and beverages in their machines. Though […]

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3 Best Places to Have Vending Machines

When it comes to installing a vending machine there is one thing you must consider, location, location, location! Where you choose to place your vending machine will highly determine how much business you’ll receive on a normal basis. This article will help you get a better idea of whether your business would benefit from installing […]

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2017 Vending Trends & Latest Industry Applications

2017 Trends in Vending Machines: Multiple Industries Tap Into The Versatile World of Vending Industry leaders like Coca-Cola, Quicksilver, and newly innovated ideas like the Cupcake ATM are revamping the way companies see vending machines. Vending machines are completely versatile, cost-effective, and especially useful for reaching customers at the moment they need your products. See […]

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The Role of Vending Machines and Millennials

vending machine business new jersey

As the rise of Millennials in the workforce continues to grow, it is important to take into account their eating habits. For employers, it is important to realize the shift towards snacking and the benefits provided by vending machines in the workplace.

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Advantages to Having a Vending Machine in your Office

office snack food

There is a trend that offices are moving away from including vending machines within the office space. Though some are trading these machines for micro-markets (small self-serve stands that offer numerous food choices), many office managers are getting rid of office snacks altogether. This is not good for the office workers who will now be […]

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Micro Markets Serve Police Officers, Nurses, and More!

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There are many people that work outside of normal business hours. Many police officers, nurses, and other professionals work late into the wee hours of the night or early morning. When working these hours, it is not only difficult to fight your internal clock, it is hard to find healthy food to eat during these times […]

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Healthy Vending Machines Options on the Rise

Healthy Snack Vending New Jersey

Vending Machines options are entering a new and exciting era. Vending machines have been around for a long time. The very first vending machines were the works of Hero of Alexandria, and engineer in the first century AD who invented a machine which dispensed a coin in exchange for Holy Water. Over the years and centuries since, the vending machine has evolved and become a staple of rest stops on road trips, airport terminals, and schools.

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6 Tips to Choose a Healthier Vending Machine Beverage

Vending machines and micro markets offer a quick and convenient fix to the sudden onset of hunger or thirst in the workplace or on the go. Nowadays, people have many options available in vending machines. With new trends in America moving towards healthier lifestyles, sometimes it can be a challenge to find convenient options to fit the concerns of the healthy person.

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